Born with a purpose and determination in the city of Sao Paulo, Brazil 86A Jeans has for long strived to create unique garments with quality and soul. With over 50 years of experience, we have achieved top status in the denim manufacturing industry.

Our mission is to consolidate the fusion between fashion and the arts by empowering artists from all over the World to create limited edition products with the highest quality on the market, with eco-friendly and socially sustainable practices. 

86A's path is guided by four key pillars:

PASSION: At 86A passion is our main engine, the reason we exist in the first place. We welcome passionate individuals to portray their talent and work in our garments to create truly unique pieces of wearable art.

TRANSPARENCY: What you see is what you get. At 86A we promise exclusivity and quality foremost. We strive to be the vanguards of fashion, with truly exclusive pieces that veer off the mass-produced; each piece truly is special, as new unseen and unique designs are created within each and every project, and that is a guarantee. In an industry where schemes and scams are commonplace, 86A wages war to unfair practices to workers and unsustainable methods of production.

PROSPERITY: Since our beginnings, we made sure to steer away from polluting our environment, by implementing innovative technology set to protect everyone involved in the process; from the harvesting of the cotton to the finishing details of the garment. You can be confident you are supporting a company that takes good care of its workers, teaches them valuable skills and strives to improve their lives; in this system, we all win.

UNITY: At 86A we believe unity is the secret ingredient.  We seek to unite people, cultures, and disciples to create truly unique garments with the essence of our artists and artisans.

We invite you to join our movement and take part in this experience. Let's empower creativity!